A Little About Me...

Rain is hitting the roof of our narrowboat, the stove fire is burning coal in the corner. Watson, my labradoodle muse, is curled up by my feet under the table. I have clay smears on my face and my short haired fringe is pushed up into a mess giving my usual dishevelled look. There is a ball of clay on my table waiting to be imagined... 

As far as my characters go they create themselves. Starting with a pair of eyes they tell me what they'd like to become, it's a partnership! Hand sculpted from ceramic stoneware clay and then fired to temperatures that will melt your face, they are all hand painted to finish with a wide variety of acrylics, glazes and stains.

I love my job - there's not many people that spend their days sculpting wizards and dragons while watching Disney films, I consider myself very lucky.

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Artist's Muse and Entertainment


Assistant in knocking anything on the floor